Soline Bay

In the northeastern part of the island of Krk, there are three small settlements located in the Soline Bay: Klimno, Soline and Čižići. It is interesting to note that there are no hotel facilities in these settlements.

One of the great advantages of this area is the protection from all winds and warmer sea, which is why the swimming season in Soline Bay begins in early spring and lasts until late autumn. The most famous beach is Meline, known for its healing mud, which is officially confirmed to have a healing effect on gout and rheumatism, and a beneficial effect on the skin. The beach is very shallow and you have to walk a hundred meters for the sea to reach your knees. Rudine is a place just a few kilometers north of Čižići and Biserujka, one of the most visited caves in Croatia, is hidden there.

In Klimno there is a four-star camp Slamni for families, vacation and health. Klimno is especially interesting for boaters because it has a well-equipped marina and a dry marina, as well as a shipyard for making and repairing boats.

You must definitely visit the small town of Dobrinj near the Soline Bay, located on a hill about 200m high. The old town offers a view of the bay.
The following settlements belong to the municipality of Dobrinj: Čižići, Dobrinj, Gabonjin, Gostinjac, Hlapa, Klanice, Klimno, Kras, Polje, Rasopasno, Rudine, Soline, Sužan, Sveti Ivan Dobrinjski, Sveti Vid Dobrinjski, Šilo, Tribulje, Žestilac and Županje.
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